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: 983/188 · 12, ҵº Թ, Թ, ШǺբѹ 0

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Let`s Sea Hua Hin AL Fresco Resort, Khaotakieb-Hua Hin, Hua Hin  
֡ԧ й ö ѹ-ء 8:00-17:00


983/188 · 12, ҵº Թ, Թ, ШǺբѹ 0

  ѹҹ     ѹѨغѹ 13 Ҥ 2559
  Studio Pier
  Moon Deck Suite
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Թʴ, ͹, ATM, Online, ѵഺԵ ªͧҧ
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  • ѹششѻ ( ѹء - ѹ )ԴҺá 1,400 ҷ/ͧ/׹

  • Extra person: Extra bed can be placed only in Studio Pier while guest can sleep on daybed in Moon Deck Suite

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    - ! Ѻصӡ 12 ѡѺ黡ͧ (§, ѡԹ 1 ҹ)

Թ Facilities :

ӹ¤дǡç :

Al Fresco Fitness :

Continue to enjoy tropical ocean breezes while you work out in the open-air fitness garden. You can escape from the ordinary with tailor-made gym equipment that will invigorate your routine with play and fun. Or enjoy the calm to center your mind, body and spirit.

Ԩҧ :
- ԹҴ ͨͤ ( jogging )
- Ҵ
- ҧԹ
- Թ
- աͿ
- ȹҨ ( Sightseeing )

ҹͧͧ֡ :  
Some simple goods simply create smiles, + wine cellar

Meeting & Catering - Meetings for inspiration.... All businesses benefit from a fresh

perspective. Lets Sea beachside meeting spaces, complete with panoramic ocean vistas, encourage participants to soak in the relaxed atmosphere and promote out-of-the box thinking. Smaller groups of 8 through to larger groups of 60 will all benefit from a stay at the beach.

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Թ Swimming Pool :


Restaurant :

Lets Sea?, Hua Hin Beach Restaurant, is a well known place to chill and soak in the atmosphere with fine wine and beach cuisine. Enjoy tangy Thai favorites and fresh international flavours with plenty of seafood. -Food Service: 6.30 23.00 hrs. -Beach Bar & Terrace: 11.00 24.00 hrs.

Breeze Lounge (11.00 24.00 hrs.) Wind down and quench your thirst for something cool while enjoying overflowing pool views in the chic lobby

Sand Bar (11.00 20.00 hrs.) is at the opposite end of the pool. When the mood strikes, take off your shoes and go barefoot for snacks, drinks and sea beat music. This venue is exclusively for resort guests.

Intimate Moments Twos company? Simply swim home for lunch, dinner and other gourmet snacks on your own private pier. Or retreat to your moon deck to enjoy the shimmering Hua Hin night sky above. Your dining preferences can be arranged 24 hours a day.
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